About TBC-Perú


Born in 2017, TBC-Perú has partnered with Casa Teodoro Harth, an eponymous family import-export company founded in Lima in 1854.

Our company is a subsidiary of TBC-World Group and we offer import-export solutions to give our customers the best results and qualities on the products we trade.

Perú is for us the gateway to the South American economic market and we pay particular attention to the traditional cultures and populations with whom we work in the Andes with respect and integrity.

The products we trade come from sectors such as Super food, textiles, crafts and ecological materials and responsible for construction, safety and more.

The Business Units of TBC-World are:

Arsha Consulting | TBC-Monde | Gaja Digital | Toboc

Romain Pagès

Managing Director & Associate


Romain lived for several years in Paris, London, Geneva and now Lima. He worked in various sectors such as Investment Banking, import-export of luxury goods and marketing. He is Fluent in French, English and Spanish. BBA Graduated in 1999 from a business school in Paris, Romain is passionate about Perú.

Romain ensures with his teams that every step of the expansion project is successful. He takes care of the realization of the market study, the feasibility study, the elaboration of the business plan, the selection of the suppliers, manufacturers and|or vendors, this until the market launch of the products.