In Perú, addressing suppliers directly without a local partner you can trust is taking important risks - you will not be able to assess the real capacity of your counterpart to meet the requirements defined.


Perú, the new Eldorado of explorers

Between january and september 2017, Peruvian exports reached USD 43.5 millions, 7.5% more than 2016 year to date.

They sold products to 160 different countries as per ADEX annual report. United States is still the exportation leader with 26,3% of the global export market but they chose Perú instead of Mexico specially for clothing, jewelry and plastic products production.

The Peruvian exportation went up to 30,8% in September 2017 to date with USD 4252 millions and importation also raised to 3,5% for a total of USD 3291 millions.

Our network of partners enables us to link you with the right local partners without needing to manage the preliminary phases which can be lengthy, complex and risky.

 Our services for import include the following products:

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